Boyz In Black (2004)

"Good Girl"



Chris Da 5th- Masterpiece (Free Money, 2004)


"Never Doubt"

"I Do This"

"In My Life"

"Letter To God (Response)

Trackademicks- The Remixes (2005)

Teedra Moses- Be Your Girl (Trackademicks Remix)

Amerie- "One Thing" (Trackademicks Remix)

Angie Stone- "I Wish I Didn't Miss You Anymore" (Trackademicks Remix)

Keyshia Cole- "I Changed My Minded" (Trackademicks Remix)

Keak Da Sneak- "White T-Shirt, Blue Jeans and Nikes" (Trackademicks Remix)

John Legend- "Ordinary People" (Trackademicks Remix)

Jill Scott- "Golden" (Trackademicks Remix)

The Jacka- "From The Bay" (Trackademicks Remix)



MISTAH F.A.B. - Son Of A Pimp (Thizz, 2005)

“Do It Live For Me” featuring Mac Mall and G-Stack of The Delinquents

“Hey Little Mama” featuring Johnny Cash and The Jacka

“Call Heaven”

“If ‘If’ Was A Fifth”

“The Mama Song” featuring Dyson

“U R My Angel”

Tracakdemicks Presents the Spring Progress Report (2006)

E-40 "Tell Me When To Go" (Trackademicks Remix)

Ready for the World "Oh Sheila" (Trackademicks Remix)

Mack Whiz "Like What"

Nchimunya "So High"


Rydah J. Klyde- What’s Really Thizzin’ (Thizz, 2006)

“Quit Whinin’” featuring Johnny Cash


Spank Pops – Populate 12” (NatAural High, 2005) & Develop[Mental] 1 (compilation) (NatAural High, 2005)

“Small World” produced by, featuring Trackademicks


Balance -Young & Restless (SMC, 2006)

“Look” featuring Casual


Lyrics Born - Overnite Encore: Lyrics Born Live! (Quannum, 2006)

“L-I-F-E” featuring MISTAH F.A.B.


Cosmo Baker & DJ Ayres  - Scion CD Sampler v. 15 MixCD (Scion, 2006)

“BayCatsDoDat (Hyphy)” (Acapella) – Trackademicks feat. L-Deez


Trackademicks Presents the Spring Progress Report / Mark Ronson & Nick Catchdubs – Radio Radio (2006)

“Tell Me When To Go” (Trackademicks Remix) – E-40 feat. Keak Da Sneak


Good Charlotte (Interscope, 2006)

Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (Trackademicks Remix) (Unreleased)


Yummy Bingham - Come Get It single (Motown/Universal, 2006)

“Come Get It” (Remix), produced by and featuring Trackademicks


Editors (Fader Label, 2006)

“Bullets” (Trackademicks Remix)

“Camera” (Trackademicks Remix)

Trackademicks-The [Re]Mixtape, Mixed by DJ Tap.10 (2006)
1. Intro 
2. Amerie- "One Thing" (Trackademicks Remix)
3. John Legend- "Ordinary People" (Trackademicks Remix)
4. Jay-Z- "Change Clothes" (Trackademicks Remix) 
5. M.I.A.- "Pull Up The People" (Trackademicks Remix)
6. Jay-Z- "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" (Trackademicks Remix)
7. Jill Scott- "Golden" (Trackademicks Remix)
8. Keyshia Cole- "I Changed My Mind" (Trackademicks Remix)
9. Keak Da Sneak- "White Tee, Blue Jeans & Nikes" (Trackademicks Highspeed Remix) Feat. E-40

10. Ciara- "Oh" (Trackademicks Remix)
11. Trackademicks- Enjoy What You Do feat. Whiz
12. Mistah F.A.B.- "If 'If' Was A 5th" 
13. Raphael Saadiq- "Rifle Love" (Trackademicks Remix) Featuring D'Wayne Wiggins & Dawn Robinson
14. The Jacka- "From The Bay" (Trackademicks Remix) 
15. Ghostface- "Never Be The Same Again" (Trackademicks Remix) Feat. Raekwon 
16. Nicole Wray- Outro/"Regrets" (Trackademicks Remix)


Classics. A Journey Into Future (promotional compilation) (Reebok Germany, 2007)

“Topsidin’” feat. MoxMore


MISTAH F.A.B. - Da Baydestrian (SMC, 2007)

“The Furley Ghost”


Lateef & DJ Z-Trip – Ahead Of The Curve (Quannum, 2007)

“Tell Me When To Go” (Trackademicks Remix) (E-40)


The Carps - The Young & Passionate Days Of Carpedia (EP) (Urbnet, 2007)

“Tumultuous Adventures” (Trackademicks Remix)


Kavinsky (Fool’s Gold, 2007)

“Testarossa Autodrive” (Trackademicks Remix) (Unreleased)


Honeycut (Quannum, 2007)

“Shadows” (Trackademicks Remix)


Macromantics - Moments In Movement 12” (KillRockStars, 2007)

“Moments in Movement” (Trackademicks Remix)


Windimoto – Don’t Let Me Leave Alone 12” (IM, 2007)

“Don’t Let Me Leave Alone” feat. Victor St. Clair (Trackademicks Remix)


Tanya Morgan (2007)

“Tanyademicks” feat. Trackademicks


J*Davey - Land of the Lost EP  (illav8r/iM, 2007)

“Valley of Love”


J. Nash  - Hyphy Love (Soulboy/Urbanlife, 2007)

“Sex Drive” featuring  Keak Da Sneak

The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 2 (2007)

1. Trackademicks- "WesternSlapademickTenderSmobbinCosmicMusic" 
2. Raphael Saadiq- "I Want You Back" (Trackademicks Remix) feat. Teedra Moses 
3. Trackademicks- "Hollywood" feat 1-O.A.K. 
4. Yummy Bingham- "Come Get It" (Trackademicks Remix)
5. Keyshia Cole- "Let It Go" (Trackademicks Remix) feat Trackademicks & Josie Stingray 
6. Pharrell Williams- "That Girl" (Trackademicks Remix) Feat. Snoop Dogg
7. Sade- "Give It Up" (Trackademicks Re-Edit)
8. Trackademicks- "Topsidin'" (Tap's Trilsidin' Blend) feat. Moxmore
9. Kelis- "Trilogy" (Trackademicks Remix) 
10. Trackademicks- "Got U Hooked" feat 1-O.A.K.
11. Windimoto- "Don't Leave Me Alone" (Trackademicks Remix) feat. Victor St. Clair
12. Ready For The World- "Oh Sheila" (Trackademicks Remix)
13. Goapele- "Love Me Right" (Trackademicks Remix) 
14. The Editors- "Bullets" (Trackademicks Remix)
15. Honeycut- "Shadows" (Trackademicks Remix)
16. Phonte Coleman & Carlitta Durand- "Halfway" 
17. J*Davey- "Valley Of Love"
18. Janelle Monáe- "Violet Stars Happy Hunting" (Trackademicks Remix) 
19. 1-O.A.K.- "Goodbye Girl" 


Mistah F.A.B. – All Star Season (Thizz, 2008)

“L-I-F-E” w/ Lyrics Born


PPP – On A Cloud b/w Angel 12” (Ubiquity, 2008)

“On A Cloud” (Trackademicks Remix) feat. Karma


Lyrics Born  - Everywhere at Once (Anti/Epitaph, 2008)

“Cakewalk” feat. Trackademicks and Baby Jaymes

“The World Is Calling” feat. Joyo Velarde


drum programming/additional production:

“Do You Buy It”


“Is It The Skin I’m In?”


Izza Kizza – Kizzaland Mixtape (Souldiggaz/Atmos, 2008)

“Tell ‘Em What My Name Iz” (I.D.)


Hollyweerd – Edible Phat (ADD, 2008)


Zo! & Tigallo – Love The 80’s (Hall Of Justus, 2008)

“Steppin’ Out” (Trackademicks Extra Wet Like Stoney Jackson’s Curl Remix)


Scion Sampler, Vol. 22: Fool’s Gold Remixed (Fool’s Gold, 2008)

“Enjoy What You Do” (Shadow Dancer Remix) – Trackademicks


J. Stalin – Warning Shots. Vol. 2 (Livewire, 2008)

“Where U From”


J. Stalin - Gas Nation (Thizz/SMC, 2008)

“Millionaire Status” feat. R.O.B.


Chromeo – 100%: Bacardi B-Live Pemberton Remixes (Bacardi/Vice, 2008)

“100%” (Trackademicks Remix)


Zion I & The Grouch – Lift Me Up (Electronic Remixes EP) (OM, 2008)

“Lift Me Up” (Trackademicks Remix)


Tittsworth – 12 Steps: The Remixes EP (T&A, 2008)

“Drunk As Fuck” (Trackademicks Remix) feat. The Federation


Joyo Velarde – Hey Love! Mixtape (Mobile Home, MYX, 2008)

“Certain Special Way” (Remix), produced and featuring Trackademicks


Little Dragon – After The Rain (Peacefrog, 2008)

“After The Rain” (Remix), produced and featuring Trackademicks


Janelle Monae – Many Moons (Wondaland, 2009)

“Many Moons” (Trackademicks’ “Y’all Better Shut Up” Remix)


Trackademicks – Enjoy What You Do 12” (Fool’s Gold, 2009)

“Enjoy What You Do”

“Topsidin’” feat. MoxMore

“Enjoy What You Do” (Flosstradamus Remix)

“Enjoy What You Do” (Sammy Bananas Remix)

Amp Live – Gary Is A Robot Remixes EP (Child’s Play/OM, 2009)

Featuring Trackademicks

(Remixes by Blu Jemz, Al Velilla, Grand Theft & James Curd)


De La Soul – Are You In? (Nike, 2009)

“Good Morning”

Tanya Morgan – Never Enough (Crazy Love) (single) (iM, 2009)

“What We Do” featuring and prod. by Trackademicks


Lyrics Born – The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season Pho’  (Mobile Home/VTech, 2009)

“Blockbots” feat. Clyde Carson & Trackademicks (prod. by Lyrics Born & Trackademicks)


Zero 7  - Medicine Man (Atlantic, 2009)

“Medicine Man” feat. Eska (Trackademicks Remix)


Havana – Entervention (Skoolcraft, 2009)

“Nitelife” produced by and featuring Trackademicks


Kid Sister – Ultraviolet (Fool’s Gold/Downtown, 2009)

“Big & Bad” (additional vocals by Trackademicks)

“Down Ass Jawn”, produced by Trackademicks


Spanks Pops – Beautiful Noise (Hot Box/Hella Records, 2009)

“Orchestrate” feat. Trackademicks, Mike Baker the Bike Maker & 1-O.A.K.


E. Fields – Handlebars (Game Related, 2009)

“How I’m Livin”

“15 Minutes”

Trackademicks- The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 3, Mixed by DJ Tap.10 (2010)

1. Platinum Pied Pipers- "On A Cloud" (Trackademicks Remix) feat. Karma Stewart
2. Zero 7- Medicine Man (Trackademicks Remix) feat. Eska Mtungwazi 
3. Trackademicks- Prime Factors
4. Chromeo- "100%" (Trackademicks Remix)
5. Trackademicks- "Spend The Night" 
6. Boy Crisis- "L'Homme" (Trackademicks Remix)
7. Kenna "Say Goodbye To Love" (Trackademicks Remix) feat Mike Baker The Bike Maker
8. Kid Cudi- "Make Her Say" (Trackademicks Remix) feat. Common & Kanye West 
9. Daniel Merriweather- "Chainsaw" (Trackademicks Remix) 
10. Jazmine Sullivan- "Need U Bad" (Trackademicks Remix) 
11. Wale- "Ice Cream Girl" (Trackademicks Remix) 
12. Zion I- "Lift Me Up" (Trackademicks Remix) 
13. Joyo Velarde- "Certain Special Way" (Trackademicks Remix)
14. Little Dragon- "After The Rain" (Trackademicks Remix)
15. Janelle Monáe- "Many Moons" (Trackademicks Remix)
16. Zo! & Tigallo- "Steppin' Out" (Trackademicks Extra Wet Like Stoney Jackson's Curl Remix)
17. J*Davey- Slooow (Trackademicks Remix) 

Shady Nate presents The Shady Bunch Mixtape (Livewire/Rapbay/Urbanlife, 2010)

"On da Corna"

Amp Live - Murder At The Discotech (Child’s Play/OM, 2010)

“Gary Is A Robot” feat. Trackademicks


Polyester the Saint- Peace Love Unity Respect (iHopHopDistribution, 2010)

"Friend of Mine"

League510 – To The Beat (Maxi Single) (Clear Label, 2010)

“To The Beat” (Trackademicks Remix)


Teedra Moses – Royal Patience Compilation (Young Hustla, 2010)

“Kisses Never Taste So Sweet”

“International Playboi”

“Everybody Rock!”


Count & Sinden – Mega Mega Mega (Domino, 2010)

“Do You Really Want It?” feat. Trackademicks


Freddie Gibbs – Playa EP (Innovative Leisure, 2010)

“Playa” (Trackademicks Remix)


Mike Baker the Bike Maker- Body of Work (2010)

"Golden Girl" feat Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K.

Kenna "Say Goodbye To Love" feat. Mike Baker the Bike Maker (Trackademicks Remix)

"HNRL" feat. Moxmore, Trackademicks, Whiz, Spank Pops & Josie Stingray

Von Pea – So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes. (Lessondary, 2010)

“Lookin’ Fly” feat. Donwill & Trackademicks


Lyrics Born  - As U Were (Mobile Home/Quannum, 2010

“Block Bots” feat. Trackademicks & Clyde Carson

“Funky Hit Records”

Nikki & Rich (Reprise, 2010)

“Next Best Thing” (Trackademicks Remix)


Neon Trees (Island/Def Jam, 2010)

“Calling My Name” (Trackademicks Remix)


Fool’s Gold Vol. 1 (compilation) (Fool’s Gold/Downtown, 2010)

“The Best Stroke” – Trackademicks

Trackademicks- Fool On The Hill (HNRL Music, 2010)

1.Fool On The Hill feat. Phonte 
2. Fool On The Hill (Instrumental) 
3. Fool On The Hill (1-O.A.K. Remix) [feat. Phonte] 
4. Fool On The Hill (Snippet) 
5. Life Is What You Make It

Trackademicks- Stop It! (HNRL Music, 2010)

1. Stop It! feat. Mistah F.A.B. 
2. Stop It! (Instrumental) 
3. Stop It! (Snippet) 
4. Kodachrome 


Trackademicks - State Of The Arts (Door 442, 2011) 

1. “State Of The Arts” featuring Goapele 
2. “D.I.Y.” 
3. “More Than Two Ways” 
4. “Stop It!” featuring Mistah F.A.B. 
5. “Score” 
6. “Quit Yo Job” featuring Kid Sister 
7. “Get A Job” 
8. “Show Love” featuring Spank Pops & 1-O.A.K. 
9. “Fool On The Hill” featuring Phonte 
10. “International Affairs” featuring MoxMore 
11. “Check” featuring Josie Stingray 
12. “Face the Music” featuring Teedra Moses 

Josie Stingray- Josie (HNRL Music, 2011)


Spank Pops- Beautiful Remixes (HNRL Music, 2011)

"Orchestrate" feat Trackademicks, Mike Baker the Bike Maker, 1-O.A.K.

Little Dragon (Peacefrog, 2011)

Looking Glass (Trackademicks ‘Quasar Gazer’ Remix)


Teedra Moses- Luxurious Undergrind (Maybach Music Group 2011)


1-O.A.K. Rewind (HNRL Music, 2011


Trackademicks presents Halfway (HNRL Music)(2011)

“Halfway” feat Phonte & Carlitta Durand

Société Perrier Online (2011)

"Société Perrier Blogger Photoshoot"

J.Stalin- I'm Sellin' Dope (Livewire, 2011)

"Poppy Stem"

"Take It Back" feat Beeda Weeda & Shady Nate

Trackademicks - Fresh Coastin' (HNRL Music, 2011) 
1. Fresh Coast feat. Polyester the Saint 
2. California Lifestyle 
3. Chill feat. Freddie Gibbs, Phonte, 1-O.A.K. 
4. The Dream feat. Whiz 
5. Low-Tech Life feat. MoxMore 
6. RADical (Real Amazing Days In Cali) feat. 1-O.A.K. 
7. You Can Catch Me Right Here feat. The HNRL 
8. Big Butts, Bikini Bottoms, and BluBlockers 

Mike Baker the Bike Maker- Mike Plays It Cool (HNRL Music, 2011)

"Brand New"

"Legs" feat 1-O.A.K. & Trackademicks

"You Don't Have To Say A Thing" feat Trackademicks

"High Speed" 

"The Coast Is Clear" feat Trackademicks & Josie Stingray

"Dreams of Consciousness" (Interlude)

"The Breeze"


"Up" feat Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K.

Trackademicks- Cherry 2000 (HNRL Music, 2011)

1. Pillow Talk 
2. Atomic Love 
3. Lila Says 
4. Lovelorn Capricorns I & II 

Jesse Boykins & Melo-X Zulu- Guru (Ninja Tune, 2012)

"Primal Chance" feat Mara Hruby

Fools Gold presents: Loosies [Deluxe Version] (Fools Gold Records, 2012)

Roach Gigz- "Get Off Me"


IamSU!- Kilt (2012)

"Shows, Clothes, and Afros"

J. Stalin- The Body Snatchers (Livewire, 2012)

"Go Get It" feat Stevie Joe

J. Stalin- Memoirs of a Curb Server (2012)

"The Music"

Lyrics Born- As You Were Remixes (Mass Appeal/Mobile Home, 2012)

“Lies x3” (Trackademicks Remix)

Mike Baker the Bike Maker- Now Or Never (HNRL Music, 2012)

"Let's Make It Happen" feat Trackademicks

"Supreme" feat Trackademicks, Moxmore, Josie Stingray & Spank Pops

Kenna "Say Goodbye To Love" feat. Mike Baker the Bike Maker (Trackademicks Remix)

Trackademicks & theHNRL Crew Summer School Mixtape, mixed by Nick Catchdubs (Fools Gold/HNRL 2012)

1. Intro / Disaster Drill feat Mike Baker, Whiz, Spank Pops, Josie Stingray & Trackademicks (prod by Flosstradamus) 
2. Wait For It feat Trackademicks, Spank Pops & Josie Stingray (prod by Trackademicks) 
3. Wooowww (Bay Shit) feat Trackademicks & Kool A.D. (prod by Trackademicks) 
4. Back to School feat Moxmore (prod by 1-O.A.K.) 
5. Gimme A Beat feat Trackademicks & L. Deez (prod by Trackademicks) 
6. Eric Roberts feat Trackademicks, Moxmore & Spank Pops (prod by Trackademicks) 
7. Eat A Parsnip feat Josie Stingray, Spank Pops, Trackademicks, Mike Baker & 1-O.A.K. (prod by Trackademicks) 
8. Nasty Girls feat Moxmore, Mike Baker, Trackademicks & Josie Stingray (prod by Trackademicks) 
9. Planetary Cassanova feat Trackademicks, 1-O.A.K. & Mike Baker (Malcolm McLaren) 
10. Double Dutchin’ feat Mike Baker & Trackademicks (prod by 1-O.A.K.) 
11. The Party Starter feat Whiz, Josie Stingray, Trackademicks & Spank Pops (Mono/Poly) 
12. Late Night Hype At The Taco Truck feat Trackademicks & Mike Baker (prod by Trackademicks) 
13. Speedway feat Mike Baker, Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K. (Metro Area)
14. Bukkake feat Mike Baker (Motor City Drum Ensemble) 
15. Say Something feat Trackademicks (Fort Romeau) 
16. Rewind (Tonight Remix) feat iamSU! (prod by 1-O.A.K.) 
17. Numb feat 1-O.A.K., Trackademicks & Whiz (prod by 1-O.A.K.)

2 Player Co-Op- Lovelorn (Player's Choice, 2012)

1. How Soon Is Now (The Smiths Cover) 
2. Someone Great (LCD Soundsystem Cover ) 
3.Nothing Looks The Same In The Light (Wham Cover) 
4. Goodbye Girl (Go Wes Cover) 
5. Lovecats (The Cure Cover) 

Balance- Golden State Warriorz, Vol. 2 (Ayinde Music, 2012)

"Make It Right" feat The Grouch, Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K.

Vasha (2012)

"Fix Up Your Place" feat Trackademicks, Moxmore, & 1-O.A.K.

Trackademicks- Breezemobbin' (HNRL Music, 2012)

1. Mantra Music (prod. by 1-O.A.K.) 
2. Breeze Mobbin' (prod. by Trackademicks) 
3. Wooowww feat. Kool A.D. of Das Racist (prod. by Trackademicks) 
4. Crew Thang feat. iamSU, J. Stalin & 1-O.A.K. (prod. by Trackademicks) 
5. The Exhibition (prod. by Droop E) 
6. Hydroponic Symphonics (prod. by Trackademicks) 
7. Not Tonight (prod. by Trackademicks) 
8. Karma (prod. by Trackademicks) 
9. Fine Dining feat. Moxmore (prod. by Trackademicks) 
10. The Next Level feat. Lyrics Born (prod. by Trackademicks) 

Spank Pops- Get Busy (HNRL Music, 2012)

"Get Busy" feat San Quinn

"Get Busy" feat San Quinn [Clean Version]

"Get Busy" feat San Quinn [Instrumental]

Spank Pops- The Populist (HNRL Music, 2013)

"Streets of San Francisco"

"Eric Roberts" feat Trackademicks & Moxmore

"Get Busy" feat San Quinn

"Its Goin' Down" feat 1-O.A.K.

"Let It All Out" feat Mike Baker the Bike Maker

"On My Mind" feat 1-O.A.K.

Iamsu- Kilt 2 (HBK Gang, 2013)

"Hipster Girls"  [VIDEO]

Jay Ant- Blue Money (Believers Circle, 2013)

"Aliens" feat 1-O.A.K. [VIDEO]

Polyester the Saint- POP (Hellagood Productions, 2013)

"Late Night Dippin'" feat Le$ and Mann

"Once In a Lifetime" feat Jay 305

1-O.A.K.- Special Request Remixes (HNRL Music, 2013)

"High Roller" (Trackademicks Remix)

MSSL CMMND-  Why Fight The Space Age? Mixtape (2013)

"The Spark" (prod. by Chad Hugo) feat Trackademicks, Kid Sister & 1-O.A.K.

HBK Skip- WET 2 (HBK Gang, 2014)

"Still Good"

Trackademicks- Crest Over Everythang (HNRL Music, 2014)

"Crest Over Everythang"

Trackademicks- Secret of My Success (HNRL Music, 2014)

1. Rise & Shine feat. The HNRL

2. Work Daze

3. Work Daze (Mid-Daze Montage)

4. 5 O'Clock

5. 4AM

6. 4AM (Victory Lap Mix)

HNRL Presents The Champagne Room (HNRL Music, 2014)

1. The Champagne Room- feat 1-O.A.K. 
2. Halfway feat. Phonte & Carlitta Durand 
3. Rewind feat 1-O.A.K. 
4. International Playboi feat. Teedra Moses 
5. Main Thang feat Trackademicks 
6. El Dorado Nights 
7. Don't It Feel Good feat 1-O.A.K. 
8. What's Wrong feat. Joyo Velarde 
9. One of Those Nights feat. J Black 
10. Invitation feat Teedra Moses 
11. Ready feat 1-O.A.K. 

L-Deez- Lamborghini Ferrari (2015) (Single)

1. Candy Girl

2. I Need To Know

3. Lamborghini Ferrari

Siddiq- Instructions (HNRL Music, 2015)

"Instructions" feat Iamsu

Trackademicks- 7th Heaven (HNRL Music, 2015)

1. The Cloud Crowd

2. Gates of Pearl

3. Celestine Dreams

4. The Vanguard (Angels fo 7th Heaven)

Kev Choice- Love & Revolution (Mind Over Matter, 2015)

"Another World" feat Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K.

Mike Baker the Bike Maker- Cool Ass Life (HNRL Music, 2015)

"On Time" feat Tanya Morgan


"Just Do It" feat Lindsey

"Runnin' in Place" feat Spree Wilson

Mike Baker the Bike Maker- Silhouette (HNRL Music, 2016)

Silhouette ft. 1-O.A.K. (Trackademicks' Gentleman's Slump Mix)

Siddiq- That New Siddiq (HNRL Music, 2016)

"Pac 12"

"Instructions" feat Iamsu

"Lets Get It All"

"On the Brain"

"Lookin' Clean"


"The One" feat 1-O.A.K.


"Driving to My Dreams" feat Trackademicks

"Tymin'" / "Cha's Interlude"

"E.T. (Out of Body, Out of Mind)"

"That Life" feat Trackademicks

"Acres Homes Worldwide" 

Kamaiyah- A Good Night In the Ghetto (2016)

"Freaky Freaks"

"Come Back"

"Swing My Way" (co-produced with 1-O.A.K. & Drew Banga)

Kool A.D.- 51(DUM SHINY, 2016)

"California Music Channel" feat Trackademicks

"Manny Pacquiao"

"Town Business" feat Trackademicks, Mondre Man, & Dope G

Kool A.D.- 19 (DUM SHINY, 2016)

"Wow" feat Trackademicks [Bay S**t]

Kool A.D.- O.K. 2 (DUM SHINY, 2016)

"This Girl Is Rich" (feat. Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K.)

Kool A.D. & Trackademicks present: Official (DUM SHINY, 2016)​

"Funky Introduction"


"Rollin' Thru the Town"

"This Mane"

"Es Nada" feat Trackademicks


"U Kno We on the West Side"

Kool A.D.- The Natural (DUM SHINY, 2016)

"This Mane" feat. Trackademicks (The Reprise)

Trackademicks- The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 4 (2016)

1. Total- “Kissing You” (Trackademicks Remix)
2. Joyce Wrice "Take It Easy" (Trackademicks Remix)
3. Outkast- "Players Ball" (Trackademicks Remix)
4. Toni Braxton- "How Many Ways" (-Trackademicks Remix)
5. Trackademicks- "Love" (I Found You) (Keyshia Cole Flip)
6. Mike Baker the Bike Maker "Silohuette" (Trackademicks Remix)
7. Jodeci - "Cry For You" (Trackademicks Remix) 
8. Trackademicks- "Amore Portuguese" (Teyana Taylor Flip)
9. INC "5 Days" (Trackademicks Remix)
10. IAMSU & Jay Ant- "That N!66@" (Trackademicks Remix)
11. Tame Impala- "Gossip" (Trackademicks Remix)
12. Rudimental- "Baby" feat. MNEK & Sinead Harnett 
13. 2 Player Co-Op- "Petrograde" (James Blake Cover)
14. Trackademicks- "California 1" (ConFunkShun Cover)
15. Mark Ronson- "Summer Breaking" (Trackademicks Remix) 
16. Little Dragon- "Looking Glass" (Trackademicks Remix) 
17. 1-O.A.K.- "High Roller" (Trackademicks Remix) 
18. Kool John & P-Lo- "Blue Hunnids" (Trackademicks Remix) 
19. Bobby Brown- "Roni" (Trackademicks Remix) 
20. N*E*R*D- "Run To The Sun" (Trackademicks Remix)

Kamaiyah- Build You Up (2017)

"Build You Up" (co-produced with 1-O.A.K. & Drew Banga)

Trackademicks- Giving (HNRL Music, 2017) (Single)


1-O.A.K.- Riding In Cars with Girls (HNRL Music, 2017)


"It's Time"

Illa- Favor (2017)


"Honey, Baby"

"Love Again"

"Coming Over"

"I Remember"

"Hold My Own"

"Wya" (Trackademicks Remix)

"I Remember" (Remix) feat P-Lo

Trackademicks- Fashion (HNRL Music, 2017)

1. Fashion

2. Esprit

3. Helen

4. Vanity

5. Cells

6. Blocks

7. Legacy

1-O.A.K.- "Give Up the Goods" (HNRL Music, 2018)​

"Give Up the Goods" feat Shady Nate

Trackademicks- Stay With Me (HNRL Music, 2018)

"Stay With Me"

Simmi- Simmi World Vol. 1 2018)


Trackademicks- Grab Somebody (2018) (Single)

"Grab Somebody" feat YMTK & 1-O.A.K.

Trackademicks- Mine All Mine (HNRL Music, 2018) (Single)

"Mine All Mine" feat Jack Davey

Umii- This Time (Remixed) Fresh Selects (2018)

"Masquerade" (Trackademicks Remix)